Who Created God?

Possibly one of the most debated questions of all time is, "Who created God?" Not only by people trying to discredit Christians, but also by honest intellectuals who truly are searching for the possible answer to this question. If God was created, how different would we view God, or the discovered being that created Him? I have been in several debates over the years with others wrestling with this question. Of course, the Christian view is that God has simply always existed and is uncreated. For some this concept is very hard to accept. It appears to be a very logical question from our humanly perspective. However, is this question actually logical? Perhaps I can twist your thinking a bit and give you a new way to view the outcomes of asking this question.

Taking small steps, we need to first look at the simple fact that created things can never come into existence from nothing. Everything we see, including ourselves, were created by something. Otherwise we would see things pop into existence all the time for no reason. If something exists, it proves that it was created and has a purpose for it's existence. When you see a car drive down the road, you generally do not assume that it just appeared out of thin air. Instead you know that intelligence and purpose was put into it's design and creation. Many believe that our universe appeared from nothing 16 billion years ago. Why is this the only time this conclusion is acceptable? Why have we never observed things spontaneously appearing into existence from nothing for no reason since? Because it defies all reasoning. The simple truth is, you can never get something from absolutely nothing.

With this in mind, let us shift gears to God's existence. Is God created? If He is, that would strip His title of God, making instead the being that created Him god. But then you would need to also ask what created the being that created God? Then you would need to continue even further asking who created the being that created the being that created God? This would then go on infinitely, eliminating the ability to call ANY of them god, ever! Why? Because God has to be the beginning of ALL creation, even the creation of other beings that created other beings that created other beings. The title of "God" could ONLY be given to the final uncreated being to stop the infinite line of who created who.

The only way to be the being at the beginning of all creation, would logically point to someone who is uncreated and have always existed. Consider this, if something never comes from nothing, then if there was nothing before God, how did God come into existence? He couldn't have. In other words, if God was not eternal, there could never be anything. Because if there was nothing, how would God appear? God has to have ALWAYS existed, as scripture suggests, or He, and everything else, would NEVER exist!

In summary, if you ask who created God, then you also have to ask who created the being that created God. This cycle would never end making NONE of them God. Additionally, you can't have God pop into existence from nothing, because that is completely illogical. The only conclusion you can draw from this is that God is uncreated and eternal. Asking the question, "Who created God?" is equivalent to asking, "What does the color orange taste like?" The question itself is illogical.

Written by: Joshua Berry


Video: If God Created Us Then Who Created God" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWrEczFaygk

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