The Moral Argument for God

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Do we have an explanation for the existence of morality? Everyone knows that it is wrong to kill or steal, but where does this knowledge come from? How do we trace the origins of this morality that people seem to automatically have? The Athiest would say it's just something that has developed in us over time as we evolved into the predominant creatures on the planet. If this is the case, where do we draw a reference from that gives us a baseline for morality? How can we determine who ultimately decides what code of morality we all should follow? Is one person's code of morality better than another's? Would my morality be any less valid than someone else's? What if Hitler's code of morality was the baseline for everyone? Would it be wrong? How would we prove it?

If we all evolved from a puddle of sludge, assuming evolution is true, then it honestly makes no difference who's code of morality we follow. We all would have came from the same pool of slime, and no one set of morality would be better than another. Morality would actually then be determined by the views of that particular person alone, with no real guideline to tell them they are right or wrong. This is called "subjective" morality; a set of morals that is only true for that particular "subject". But in a world with no God, no absolutes, and no ultimate code of morality, what YOU consider true is not always true for others. There is a terrible problem with this. Even a hunter that dwells in jungle villages knows there are certain things that are inherently wrong. Deep down, whether you ignore it or not, the conscience understands instinctively that killing and stealing is bad. How is this possible? Where does this come from? Scripture tells us that God has actually written the law (moral standards) of which to live by on the hearts of people.

"Which shew the work of the law written in their hearts, their conscience also bearing witness, and their thoughts the mean while accusing or else excusing one another;"

- Rom 2:15 KJV

By experiencing the voice of our conscience, and acknowledging the instinctive knowledge of basic right and wrong, this gives credibility to the existence of God. How? Because it is within all of humanity, all throughout history, and outside of God there is no objective reason why this could be truly possible. There are only "subjective" reasons to try and explain this away. However, any subjective reasoning can not hold water since it is only ever a self-proclaimed truth, and not bound by others. There is no credible, or reasonable, evidence to prove that all humans evolved, throughout all of time, around all the world, with the same set of instinctive basic moral principles. This would be an impossibility. Morality would have to be something that is created outside of ourselves, given to us all equally, and set as a standard that never changes in order for it to be effective by any measure. Otherwise, you would have billions of people proclaiming their OWN version of morality with no external baseline to compare it to for credibility. Or you would simply have a single random human decide a moral code for all time and humanity. Neither leave much to desire for all.

Let's try to put this into a parable. Have you ever tried to measure something without a ruler? You can't. The ruler is the set standard for measurement. Even if your guesswork came close to the true measurements you required, it is still not ever going to be exact. Imagine if you were a construction worker and started to invent your own standards for the "inch" or "foot". Better yet, what if everyone on the job site did this as well. Everyone's measurements would be very different and nothing would get built correctly. Now, let's go one step further and say there is no such thing as a ruler, or any tool to help measure anything. Let's say that everyone around the world, all throughout history, evolved an instinctive ability to measure things EXACTLY PERFECT without any tool EVER! This would be an INCREDIBLE miracle! Unfortunately, that would also be scientifically impossible. We require the ruler as that standard, or any measurement anyone makes will be by their OWN standard.

Do you get the illustration? God is that ruler; the set standard for morality. If God does not exist, morality is nothing more than a subjective illusion we all create for ourselves. But the very fact that basic instinctive morality is written in our hearts, the same morality for all humans, proves that there is something bigger at work outside of ourselves and our subjective thoughts. If we didn't all have a conscience whispering to us what is right and wrong, then the argument for God here would be dead in the water. But we DO all have that voice within us. Where does it come from, if not from God? That would be a hard question to answer.

Written by: Joshua Berry


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