About Me

Hi, I'm Joshua!

I am a Christian Apologist (defender of the Christian faith), Author, and avid researcher and seeker of truth. From a young man I have known of the existence of God, but there was never a point when it became real for me. However, in my later years, I experienced an event that nearly took my life. After praying in that moment, pleading for a second chance, my life was radically changed! Since that time I have been in non-stop research into scripture, biblical history, theology, biblical prophecy, manuscript history, bible translations, science and creationism, the extraterrestrial question, other world religions/cults, new world order agendas, underground societies, and many of Satan's deceptions and lies in this world. I have sought out to find the answers to the hardest questions I could think to ask. What I have found has literally turned this upside-down world right-side up for me. With this website I hope to share God's wisdom and warnings to help others come to know Jesus Christ the way I do.